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House Of Kabila Launches Second Branch With A Bash

Dubai: The Second branchof House of Kabila at Bay. Avenue, Business Bay was launched with a bash. The launching ceremony was a big celebration at the Dubai Polo and EquestrainClub, with live music and all - new exclusive menu including delicious food and drinks - making is a night to remember. House of Kabia began its Journey from Dubailand Residence Comples in 2017.

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House of Kabila Launch Party a Smashing Success

Dubai : House of Kabila, launched its second branch opening at Bay Avenue, Business Bay. The restaurant celebrated with a big launch event at the Dubai Plot and EqustrainClub. House of Kabila begainf the journey from Dubailand Residential Comaplex in 2017. The event was a night to remember, with live musice, delicious food, and drinks, and focused on the rebranding of the restaurant with an all-new exclusive menu.

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